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Most Advanced Technologies For Podiatry Care In San Antonio


podiatry-epat-treatmentThis innovative technology can reduce discomfort in tendons and ligaments without patients having to resort to injections, anti-inflammatory medications, or surgery. It is the most advanced technology on the market for heel pain and is a “surgery preventer” for plantar fasciitis. Patients only need to have the non-invasive 5-minute treatment performed weekly for a period of 4 weeks to experience dramatic results. More than 80% of patients report being pain-free or having significant pain reduction after EPAT treatments. Get more details on the EPAT, a surgery-prevention technology, at CuraMedix.

Digital X-ray Imaging

Digital x-rays are more accurate than the traditional x-ray. Podiatrists can enhance the digital images and digitally transfer them as necessary. Images can be magnified, sharpened, colorized, or even displayed as a negative, and the original data is not altered in the process. Digital X-ray imaging reduces radiation exposure to patients and increases diagnosis proficiency. You can see x-rays almost instantly in the treatment room and can begin discussing findings with your podiatrist.

Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging

podiatry digital ultrasonic diagnostic imagingThis device uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the interior of the body. Images of internal organs, blood flow, muscles, tendons, joints, and all soft tissues can be captured in real-time with ultrasound imaging. Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging helps diagnose soft tissue conditions, which are difficult to capture via x-rays or other applied technologies. Tendon tears, muscle abnormalities, internal bleeding or fluid buildup, small soft tissue tumors, and early changes of rheumatoid arthritis can all be diagnosed using ultrasound imaging. Such technology improves the accuracy of applied injections and positively impacts the overall success of patient outcomes.

Get the expert treatment you need with your experienced podiatrists and proven technologies at San Antonio Podiatry Associates, P.C. You will receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, combined with a consultative approach that addresses all patient concerns. Choose from four convenient locations: Physicians Plaza II, One Medical Park, Oak Centre, or Rogers Road Medical Plaza. Contact San Antonio Podiatry Associates, P.C., at (210) 692-0279 to schedule your appointment.

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